Barbiecore Trend

Barbiecore Fashion Trend, have you heard about that?

Barbiecore trend alert

If you are a Fashion Lover you probably know what is one of the most trends of 2022 the Barbiecore style, if you don't heard about it, do not worry we got your back girl, after this post you will be aware about what is Barbiecore and maybe even try it!

1. What is Barbiecore Trend?

You may not even know what Barbiecore is, but I'm sure we know the iconic Barbie doll. So in short Barbiecore is a style that perfectly represents everything about the world of Barbie.

barbiecore waht is it?

 2. Barbecore Elements

Pink, yes if you do not like pink, you probably is going to hat Barbiecore, the color is mandatory, after all is impossible to think about Barbie and not think about Pink. The color is present in every Barbiecore outfit, specially the bubblegum and hot pink tones.

Barbiecore Pink is mandatory

3. Barbiecore Shapes and Details

Barbiecore is much more than pink outfits, it requires attitude, so the style is rich of bright and saturated color, exaggerated proportions, glitter, glamor, huge platforms and mini dresses.

barbiecore trend elements

4. Barbiecore is Aesthetic Focused

To build a Barbiecore outfit you have to pay attention to te details, everything is carefully  coordinated, clothes, jewelry, shoes and bag, all matching.

barbiecore is about details

5. Barbiecore is Much More than Pink Outfits

Barbiecore is a movement, it is our voice being raised and being heard, it is us women showing to the world that we are assuming the place thats is ours by right, and that we can be pink,  pretty, girly, fashion and feminine and still strong and powerful!

barbiecore movement

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